Burgess Hill Recording Studio – Services & Equipment

Welcome to our Burgess Hill recording studio! We hope you feel right at home and we want to show you our approach to music production. Come on in…

vocal recording at burgess hill recording studio

Vocal recording

We understand the importance of comfort and confidence when recording vocals, so we strive to make every vocalist feel at home.

We will find your ideal monitor mix and if need be, we can alter the key or tempo of your song on the fly, allowing you to perform at your best every time. We have extra displays and music stands available for lyrics, structure sheets and other notes.

Our Atlas mic stand and pop shield allows for ideal positioning and pop-free capture, we have various microphones by Shure, Audix, Rode, AKG, Studio Projects as well as EQ profiles to alter the characteristics after recording.

We have outboard and software Reverb and Compression including the classic industry models used on everything from Michael Jackson to Slayer albums (Lexicon, Focusrite, Waves etc).

guitar recording at burgess hill recording studio

Guitar recording

We have various electric, acoustic and classical guitars available for use, in various styles / configurations and regularly re-strung and set up professionally. These include PRS, Ibanez, Tanglewood, Jackson, Epiphone and more.

Our studio features a fine selection of tube amps (including Orange, Peavey, Hughes & Kettner), but we also record a direct channel for re-amping should you need to make adjustments after recording.

We have a number of effects pedals, cables and accessories for free use but due to the vast variety available we advise bringing your own pedals and accessories plus all necessary patch cables and power supplies.

drum recording


There are many factors in capturing a great drum sound and no single drumkit or space is right for everyone, this is one reason why we record drums on location. We have an agreement with Monster Studios in Brighton but can also come to other locations dependent on your needs.

We have a large selection of drum sample software at the Burgess Hill recording studio too! These are ideal for demos and modern processed sounding releases on a low budget.

studio software


We have several Mac and PC based D.A.W systems in the studio including Logic, Pro Tools and Reaper. We have a wide range of plugins and samples installed and are equipped to produce full backing tracks in a range of genres.

Studio facilities:

Free Wi-Fi
Free refreshments (tea, coffee, etc)
Supplies available onsite (strings, plectrums, tuners)
Toilet facilities onsite
Large sofa, central heating and an Xbox 360 for those long sessions!

Recording Rates

Solo performer recording
£30 per song
Record 3 songs for £75
Band recording
£105 per day
Record 3 days for £250

What’s included with recording?

  • Free mixdown
  • Free mastering
  • Free CD
  • Free archiving

Join us at our Burgess Hill recording studio today!

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